Sunday, October 12, 2003

My weekend, fit the first.

Where Alcohol is purchased and consumed, bad timing causes delusions, Much music is heard, our hero causes disruption but ultimately gets rewarded for it, and unexpected encounters bring revelations to our readers.

Winamp: Jackson5-I Want You Back(Konishi Yasuharu ReadyMade Mix)

Let's start with friday. I'd left this blog with a bag full of junk. So i went out and bought some union pivo, just to make things heavier. Six 33cc bottles, 1,50€. The first one died on the bus.
Before going, i had time to say hello to Ana S. and Andrea T., who have been visiting Duino for a few days. I think it's safe to say that they're both doing fine. Ana i'll probably be seeing more of soon, since [SPOILER ALERT] it turned out today that i will be going to rome with the college, after all. It seems i have a project to supervise. No kidding.
Anyway, i made it to Piazza Unità just in time for The Hormonauts' soundcheck. Which meant Eelst's one had been hours earlier, at three o'clock in the afternoon as a matter of fact, but nobody had warned us. Bugger. The other Favae were quite angry about this, i was kind of frustrated because i should've expected it. Ho hum.
Other favae: Chrissy of course, with her mother, brother and grandma who had made a large strudel for Elio, as she usually does. Some groupies this band has. Then there were Ciro&friend, Francesca&bored boyfriend, Romina(new entry!), and i'm probably forgetting somebody. Had some fun conversations during the long wait for the beginning of the show. Called and got called by old friends. Found out that my cellphone battery tends to expire a bit too often for my tastes.
By the time the first band came on, half the beers were gone, or were lobbying to exit. The Galatine remained more or less untouched. Dinner could wait.
The Hormonauts are one great live act. must be seen to be believed. Even Chrissy, whose musical tastes are more traditional, enjoyed them. Next time they come close, i'm paying to see them. Worth it. Their act consisted of ska/rockabilly/swing/punk/whatever works, with cool outfits and quite an attitude to match.
They even managed to overshadow the second band, Africa Unite. Good reggae, but they eventually got a bit tiresome. I like my reggae more rhythmic, more shaken. Theirs was too reflexive, it wasn't the best choice to be placed between two bands that make you move quite a lot. As a matter of fact, Chrissy hated them and spent most of her time making fun of her from the front row.
At this point, Quite a few friends from Duino should have already been there, but were nowhere to be seen. Then i sat on the hand-rail in front of me, and heard them calling from three rows back. By the time Africa Unite had finished, more than half the piazza was full. Halfway through the concert, i checked again and it was completely full. So i called for them and told all 8 or 9 of them to come closer. No, there wasn't any space. I just wanted to cause some more confusion.

Elio came on. Must i add any more? Ok, by now i only had one beer left, which i prolonged throughout the gig. It much helped me in enjoying it, not that i wouldn't have without, but it did enhance my responses to the overall proceedings.
Just some short notes about the concert.
Carambola comes from Duino, Elio said on stage. Afterwards, in the backstage, he authorized me to boast that he'd said that because of me. So there.
More or less the usual show was played, minus Cani e padroni di cani, Mio Cuggino, Budi Giampi, Pagàno and Litfiba. Can't have everything, they finished late anyway. At one o'clock we were already in the municipality enjoying beers given to us by Cesareo himself. Met the cameramen again, they told me Marco Conforti(the band's manager) is taking this DVD thing quite seriously. Multi-angle etc. etc. And he also told me they had lots and lots of closeups on me, since i'd been in every show they'd filmed. Wow. So if it actually comes out, i'll be seen drinking my head off, screaming, dancing and disrupting crowds for the rest of eternity. Small price for fame, i'm already famous for some of those things anyway.
In the end i said goodbye to band members and cult-followers alike, turned my heels and tried to find the Duino people, didn't, swopped that E.L.I.O. cd with another full of mp3s of last year's Cordialmente, went back to the backstage and had Ciro drive me home. A great night all along.

Can't go on, have an appointment in 5 minutes.

More soon. Eventually.