Friday, August 15, 2003

Back from Slovenia.
Ok, no, i was back yesterday. But that doesn't really count, i hardly noticed.
Dimitri's party was cool, most of the time i was not really there, but they tell me i've been sighted floating over europe's most famous capitals. North american ones were too dark for me to be seen.
Oh, and i've only been living here for about four days, and i already need to tidy up my room. Luckily, i've already found most of the stuff i had temporarily displaced with the move: Z's paintings are on my wall, all my asterixes and tintins are on their own personal bookshelf, as are my yearbooks. I'm still only missing my big Persepolis book, but it'll show up.
Oh, and i even discovered i have a Stravinsky Sacre Du Printemps cd conducted by Boulez. Lucky day.

Strangely, i've found no information at all about all these north american blackouts on their official site. Seems it's not so fair and balanced.