Wednesday, August 27, 2003

So today the academic year officially started. Usual big staff meeting, usual staff+associates buffet lunch, usual undercooked roast beef. Buffet wasn't that bad, actually. i just wasn't very hungry, so didn't bother to make the most of this lovely "free food" thing.
Two or three second years are back(first second year of 2003/2004: Fred!), one first year is already here, even though first years shouldn't be here until well into next week(another one of m.o.n.a.'s famous changes, just like the ten day week calendar). Chilean guy, very nice, from the same school Joaquin was from. First words he said to me were "so you like wine, huh?". Maybe he'd seen this blog.
Also started photocopying for teachers again today. AB had already left me stuff for next week, i hope the other teachers follow her example, i don't want to spend my wonderful weekend in the photocopy room!

Later in the evening i went over to the old house to visit Gato, got all sentimental about it. Especially now that all our conspiracy theories have a further rather important clue: it seems the people who took our place there are best of friends with the person who did all of this to us. Seems they were best of friends back in canada. It all makes sense.
Of course i'm kind of paranoid recently. Thing is, i'm rereading Watchmen for the first time since '95. It's still an indescribably perfect work of art. But it gets me thinking like Rorschach. Even worse, the other day i was reading Watchmen while listening to Joe's Garage. Which is sort of like reading 1984 while watching Brazil.

I was saying: i got all sentimental after seeing Gato, so i popped down to porto, to feel some rocks under me and stare blankly into the sea(sorry about that rhyme, couldn't really help it). After that, i went to a quiet place where i couldn't be heard, and played the ol'harp for a while. Quite surprisingly, i found myself playing quite comfortably for over an hour, and even having nice ideas. Hadn't happened in quite a while. So something good actually came out of my day.

Oh, a couple of shakeups in the teaching staff. A nice peruvian lady is taking what used to be Tony's math classes. Everybody seemed to already know her, maybe i did too, but i don't remember. And Paola Cosolini is back! Lovely to have familiar friendly faces around!
VB, on the other hand, is no longer working in duino. As you all probably already know, she's on maternity leave, and i wish her all the best, being a single mother must be tough, but the others i've known(mostly cousins) went through it(or are going through it) just fine. She'll be ok.

I guess that's all.
Oh, a few friends have called expressing their concern about my current situation. If people are worried about me, it must mean i'm getting things right.