Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Ok, i'm going to say something i'll bet nobody expected to read: i'm sleepy.
And another new one: it's half past two in the morning.
Have you ever noticed most people post for their blogs late at night? I don't think i've ever seen one updated at, say, nine o'clock in the morning.
Anyway, i've been filling boxes until 20 minutes ago, tomorrow will be really hectic, since it's the last day of work in *this* house...on thursday the big bad carrying gnomes will take the entire content of our house and deposit in the new, smaller one.
And then they'll notice it doesn't. really. fit.
And we'll say "see? this is what we've been trying to explain for the past FOUR MONTHS".
And they'll say "you should talk to your bosses about this."
And we'll say "...never mind." and attempt to squeeze into the house.

Was in udine today, sold some of my brother's old LPs, managed to trade them for 37€ worth of cds. I drive a hard bargain.
What cds did i get? I got this and this and this and, oh, hey, also this.
The gorillaz one is cool, but a bit scratched. That's ok, acceptable risk of buying 2nd hand cds. I almost also got Soft Machine's 4th and 5th, 2LPin1cd, but then i noticed Robert Wyatt isn't in them. My canterbury mental files are fuzzy. Oh, and that last one reminds me of when i spelled YAZOO in scrabble. The other players didn't let me use it though. Pity, 'cause it was worth something like a grillion points. Spoilsports.

Ok, that's all for tonight. Keep in touch.

Link of the day(day?): my ex-watering hole! (water???)