Sunday, August 31, 2003

First of all an apology to all those whom i've been chatting with via messenger or icq: if i've dissappeared suddenly in mid-discussion it's because we've been experiencing net-connection problems here at the base. So i wasn't bored of what we were saying, i just didn't manage to connect again. This very update is the result of a tremendous effort in staying online.
But if you've been trying to call me these days, it's a completely different matter. The Man answers no phonecalls, because The Man is Busy.
(ok, maybe some calls, but only in particularly non-busy moments). And The Man will not call back, for The Man hath no money on His cellphone. So please desist from trying to dissuade me from whatever i'm doing. You know who you are.

Oh, and even though i'm too busy to spend my time on the net, Cicoria isn't. So she would like to bring This to your attention.