Wednesday, August 20, 2003


Breaking news: I have been asked, no, *begged* to do the photocopying this year too. Friday i resume my habitual truckload of stuff to do for the beginning of the academic year, after which i shall resume my weekly regularly paid, uh, let's just carry on calling it photocopying and leave the witty remarks for later, i have something of a hangover.
Yes, for last night was Joaquin's last night in duino, which was dutifully celebrated. No more roommate, it's gonna be wierd, now i don't have any more excuses for not tidying up.
Ah, no, wait, i do: the hangover.

Anyway, My father's only comment about the confirmation was "yes, but they'll probably move you to another residence for this." He was probably hoping i would also get kicked out, so i could keep him company. Speaking of which, i met his replacement today. Kind of...young. But that's how they like them these days: young and cheap. With juvenile wardrobes to make a point of that last statement. At least i'm stylish and cheap.

Also, i finally developed all of this summer's pictures. Pity this blog doesn't support images. I guess i'll have to look for a better host. luckily, i won't need to change the address.

Um, that's all. Mr. Brain up there says it can't really work much longer without steam coming out of the ears and the secret escape hatch, so i'd better let it rest and dispose of deceased cells. Now, that was cheerful!