Monday, August 04, 2003

When i awoke, an army of groos had invaded my house and were carefully removing all fragile decorations.
In the confusion, i found the Complete Works of Svevo on the living room table, and proceeded to find a short story of his i'd always wanted to read, La Novella Del Buon Vecchio E La Fanciulla.
Then, halfway through, i realized this wasn't the short story i wanted to read. The one i wanted was La Novella Del Vecchio Con Il Fiore In Mano by Pirandello. Oh, well...

Anyway, this morning the ISDN cable elves came and switched our phone line with Tony's, which not only means that i can still connect to the 'net from home, but also that whoever will come to live here after us will pay for our phone calls. Timbuctoo, here we come.

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