Tuesday, August 12, 2003

So the doctor asks me what my symptoms are.
I answer: Headache, nosebleed, othitis, throat ache, unwillingness to update my blog.
She says: excuse me?
i say: Uh...i mean general weakness.
And she says: Oh.

She eventually prescribed every student's enemy, antibiotics. However, Pino just directed me to This Site, according to which i ought not worry about it. Check out the reference page, it's great!

So i'm a bit sick and too tired to get anything done. But yesterday i did invent a new sandwich!

The British Railways Memorial Sandwich

2 slices of soft, fresh bread.
1 hard-boiled egg
2 lettuce leaves
3-4 small, cherry-sized mozzarellas
1 slice of prosciutto crudo, possibly San Daniele.


1. place the prosciutto on the bread. If the bread is good enough, you will have applied a little margarine to intensify its taste.
2. cut mozzarella into slices 2-3 mm wide. Apply on prosciutto, add a little mayonnaise for stability.
3. slice egg, to a width of about 4 mm. deposit it on the mayo, salt the egg and add a little more mayo, if necessary.
4. cover everything with the lettuce, salt lettuce if necessary, close sandwich with 2nd slice of bread.
5. Enjoy!

Mine worked out great yesterday, now i can happily brag about having invented a new cocktail and a new sandwich this summer!
(The cocktail still needs a good enough name before i release it into the wild. The ingredients are quite hard to get, anyway, so don't hold your breath.)