Friday, August 22, 2003

Blogging from my first day of work. Anybody wanna see IB results?
I was happy about the idea of money going back into my bank account until last night around midnight, when i realized this also means getting up early and actually *working*.
So i got up at half past ten and here i am! Doing thirty-five copies of a twenty page paper. And that's all.
Could've been worse, at least i've been confirmed!

Oh, and last night was truly, truly hell. To replace the only touch of humanity* that's missing from the evaristo household since Joaquin left, my brother and i went to pick up the cat to bring him here.
Mayhem ensued.
I ended up, two hours later(my brother had already given up long earlier), lying on pala lawn while the cat sat patiently by my side and licked his left ear.
In those two hours i almost lost what little's left of my mental sanity. Which is what i would expect from anybody, after spending two hours trying to get your best friend into a cardboard box.

Don't want to think about this anymore.

Now, i would link to many truly fascinating sites, but for some reason i can't do that from the office. So i guess that's all for now.

*humanity, not humanism