Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Celebrations ensue

To mark the first anniversary of this blog, may i invite you to visit the newborn website of my roommate? I believe it's something rather unique, where blogs are involved. So strut your way over to,

possibly to the soundtrack of Mongo Santamaria's El Pussycat, or Shonen Knife's I Am a Cat, or Les Luthiers' Gato Con Explicaciones, or Pizzicato five's cover of Nanka Li Koto Naika Konekochan(What's New Pussycat), or Renato Carosone's Il Gattino Sulla Tastiera, or Los Tres' Gato Por Liebre, or Frank Popp Ensemble's The Catwalk, or Kahimi Karie's Cat From The Future, or PJ Harvey's Cat On The Wall, or...(and so on, etcetera, und so weiter, eccetera.)

Ok, go. Enjoy. It's still in its beta version, of course. I'll be adding links and maybe a better template in the next days. I'm sure it'll eventually become more popular than this blog. Much more popular. But that's not hard.