Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Travel plans.

Evaristo had written exams today. The results are currently unknown. They will be revealed tomorrow morning around 11gmt+1, when he will show up in udine for his orals.

This post, however, has nothing to do with that. It is more about the declassification of his secret travel plans to an undisclosed eastern european capital.

Oh what the hell, i'm just going to Prague.

Tomorrow night(July 8, 2004) i shall depart via bus from Duino at 21:59, destination Udine, courtesy of APT Transports. I expect to be already quite tipsy by then.
Udine shall be reached at 23:10, at which time i am planning for people to pick me up and take me out for more drinks, and eventually lug my senseless body back to the bus station and dump me on the 00:45 bus to prague, on what will by then be July 9, 2004.

Eurolines, or Tourbus for the internationalists among you, should then deposit me in prague at 12:15 of that same day, where i shall wipe the dust off my clothes and start looking for my hostel, which will probably be one of those depicted here or here.

Four nights(!) i shall spend in that ancient city, doing god-knows-not-what. Don't want the old bugger to find out. It's my own business. On the other hand you, dear readers, will be constantly updated with all non-interesting details of my stay, just because i'm that kind of annoying person.

Then, on tuesday, a turn for the worse: i shall embark on the bus back to udine, at 15:30 from Prague bus terminal. Udine will catch up with me at the wee hours of the following(Tuesday, 13th of july 2004) morning, approximately 04:00 AM.

An hour or so of hanging around the hobos later, and at 05:20 i finally leave udine, again by bus, and reach duino around 06:24. There, i will cross the road and fall asleep on the benches of Al Castel. Or maybe even make it home.

All this was also for useful self-reference, so if i don't remember timetables or stuff all i have to do is check this site. I'm so practical.

By the way: Anyone reading this from prague? No? I thought not.