Friday, July 02, 2004

in a perfect world...

In evaristo's perfect world, Spain is still islamic and Araucania is of the araucanians.

These are both arguments i always end up bringing out in conversations, although this is the first time i make a connection between the two. Also, in most chronicles, Orelie-Antoine de Tounens is described as quite an eccentric to say the least, putting him on the same level as San Francisco's own Emperor Norton. I recall one exhibit in the Museo Regional de la Araucanía in Temuco, my first contact with this small chapter in the history of indigenous nations, that was quite so inclined in its description of this unlikely king. Luckily, contemporary historians are shifting their attention towards de Tounens by considering him as more of an enlightened politician than as a madman.

Come to think of it, i also have the childhood memory of one of those contemporary historians in particular, getting into a loud argument with my father at the dining room table regarding the exact body count of the vietnam war, and myself trying to think of a good way to sneak out of the situation. And thinking "they shouldn't even be discussing this! They're nineteenth century historians, for christ's sake!"

But a storm is forming over duino right now, so i think i'll turn this pc off and go back to studying post-war informal art. If you'll excuse me.

First two links courtesy of Plep, which is a really good blog i ought to visit more often.