Saturday, July 03, 2004

Everybody here at WGD Central wishes a big fat In Culo Alla Balena o Merda Che Dir Si Voglia to Intuassenza, who tonight are finally performing for the first time in what's supposed to be their hometown. More info here, where you may also listen to a brief excerpt from their EP.
Pity i can't make it to the gig, too busy studying and answering emails for one thing or another. But tell you what, if anyone from milan reads this in time, pop over to the concert and tell them i sent you. Then watch yourself get beaten up by the members of the band for being so damn stupid.
Molto rock.

UPDATE: Especially for the occasion, italian minister of finance Giulio Tremonti resigned last night! Seeing the state he left the country in, i don't see him finding new employment anytime soon. All this will be celebrated tonight at yet another of WGD's PiwoParties. We welcome anybody! Bring alcohol! As if we didn't already have 58 cans of english&polish beer.