Sunday, July 04, 2004


For those of you who are starving for good webcomics, let me give you this little piece of information: Scott McCloud has finally updated his Links page! See the present wonders of the webcomic world, as selected by one of the newborn genre's luminaries and prime spokesmen. Most of my favourites are mentioned, with the possible exception of Something Positive, Bruno and Cat And Girl, which i link to every other week anyway, so who cares. The first two i mentioned are particularly special for me, having read their full archives, accounting for several years of production just while i was going through two rather difficult moments of my recent life, so they've both left a strong sign on me somehow. You can probably also blame SomethingPositive for my becoming far more cynical in the past month, but that's another story.

(small note for those of you reading this from home: my internet connection has been somewhat volatile in the past two days so i haven't been able to connect to any instant messaging/p2p facilities. Which is why some of you haven't seen me around to offer bureaucratic advice, crave for romantic advice, discuss subcultural minutiae or brag about having met this or this other semi-nonfamous musician. Which has actually been very good for my exam preparation.)