Thursday, July 01, 2004

Musical musings

My parents had always wondered (but have eventually just grown accustomed to) how their offspring was capable of studying with rock music on, and of the loud variety too. "Why not classical music, at least?" they've often asked themselves. Nowadays i'm the only one of the three who is so inclined as to indulge in bookworm activities, and must say that i have recently tried to study with classical music on, but it




I would find myself listening too carefully, concentrating on the music, trying to understand it. And all my energy would go towards what i was hearing and not to what i was supposed to be reading. Instead, i found that i study marvelously well with japanese classical music, of the loud drone variety. It puts the mind in a good relaxed and open state. Also Hendrix is good, the sixteen-minute improvisations are a good challenge and keeps that thinking muscle exercised. And i've also been known to sometimes listen to seventies disco (Earth, Wind and Fire, anyone?) while studying, just to keep myself awake. All of these very, very loud. At all times possible.
Which has been doing wonders for my study/research environment.

But i don't think the neighbours are very happy about it.