Tuesday, April 20, 2004


The night before the "job interview" (That's last thursday for those of you keeping count), Pino tells me via icq:

Pino - Of course you already know i consider you a preliminary experiment for a new renaissance(ideally, not intended as an artistic cathegory you already hate by now) in the horrible world of computer sciences - especially where engineers are involved - don't you?
Me - Uh... No, i didn't know that.
Pino - What i hope is that after working with you for two weeks, they'll give you all the money they have and decide that they should leave computers aside and go into the woods looking for mushrooms. It may not go that way, but it's nice to be imagined.
Pino - (of course they wouldn't give you the money as a payment for your job, just because it's not necessary when looking for mushrooms)
Me - I hope it goes that way, then.

Indeed, it is nice to imagine a bunch of engineers suddenly realizing what was wrong with their lives, ripping all their clothes off and running into the woods, searching for magic mushrooms. Or at least, that's how i imagine it.
And i still consider it one great compliment. Grazie Pino.

(All exchanges with Pino are published without permission. Forgot to ask.)