Saturday, April 24, 2004

News Item.

Since nobody seems to have noticed, i guess i'll tell everyone here that Ike Willis will be in italy again this summer. And that he's available for gigs. The only confirmed one is 16 july in Vinadio(CN), with Ossi Duri and Elio E Le Storie Tese. If there's anybody who can organize further concerts, please, please, please contact another great italian, Filippo Bellavia (hope posting his email here doesn't cover him with spam).

And just for self-gratification, here's a picture of the webmaster with ike willis:

l-r: evaristo, maxkava, Ike Willis, JJFlash. Crouched: Nervo.Fun to notice each person in the picture has something relevant to link to.

Here's another one:

Blog was looking rather empty without many pictures on it. Hope to post more these days, just to add some color.

Pictures taken on april 2000 in Lugano, after the recording of Eelst's Lugano Tapes. Evaristo followed them on their entire world tour that year(Lugano-CH and Nova Gorica-SI), and it's also interesting to notice that his custom of dressing up for their gigs originated that night.

On the Winamp: George Harrison - Let it Down.
Another great englishman.
Greatly missed. But that's a story for another day.