Saturday, April 03, 2004

In Duino.

Beautiful white and blue Volkswagen van just parked under my window. I was coming home while it did. A nice couple came out, neither too young nor too old. On the back window, stickers with the characters of Lupin the III. Inspector Zenigata wisely placed a little further apart from the others. The girl noticed my attention to their vehicle, and said Ciao! to me with a smile. I answered in the same way. She had lovely blue, blue eyes.

(I recently spoke on the phone with a person who usually gets her predictions right. She told me i will soon meet a girl, who will be shorter than me but with eyes like mine. This wasn't at all the case, but i guess the day it'll happen can't be that far away.)

The sun is warm in Duino, and my father baked Olive Bread.
Why don't you come?

On the Winamp: Paco De Lucia - Entre Dos Aguas
Frank Zappa And The Mothers Of Invention - Blessed Relief
(two tunes that fit perfectly together. go get yourselves them somewhere.)

Apologies to all Duino-sick readers. Excuse me if i'm in a good mood!