Monday, April 19, 2004

Oh, and also...(Part one of three)

Tired again. I'm back from my first day of work.
What? i didn't tell you?

Some days ago, i met Pino on icq. Here's an excerpt from our conversation, conveniently translated into The Queen's English(or something).

Pino - You're not looking for part-time employment for a month or two, are you?
Me - mh...why do you ask?
(In inglese nell'originale)
Pino - Because a friend of mine is looking for a part-time employee for a month or two.
Me - Organic debris relocation?
Pino - It doesn't involve moving excrements around.
Me - Not even if i ask them nicely?

The job turned out to be rather different indeed: beta-testing software for a company in Buttrio, sixteen hours a week, flexible timetables, for two months, same pay as a full-time employee. And no, i don't know how much that is yet.

Last thursday, while i was borrowing some A3 paper from a room that will go unmentioned, i got a call from the guy who wanted to employ me. The following day i popped by to check the job out, i seemed to be ok for them. Which i assume goes to show how easy my duties ought to be. I then proceeded to miss a bus while buying peach vodka in the supermarket next to the company's main building and almost get lost in Buttrio. Ok, i tried.

So anyway, i eventually made it back to Duino. After a spritz or three, i get home and my brother tells me...
(to be continued...)