Friday, April 23, 2004


(Now there's a post title i've used a bit too often)
I've been asked where my foolproof military-service-deterrent letter can be found. No, i've never posted it on this blog. A good friend of mine did on hers (right here), and i've usually sent people there when they've requested it.
But just in case, let's break some language barriers and post it here too, will we?

(Source: C:\Documents and Settings\me\Documenti\this could work.doc )

Duino, 14 Gennaio 2004.

Al Distretto Militare di Udine - Ufficio Reclutamento.

Gentili Signori,
In riferimento alla Vostra comunicazione del 22 Dicembre 2003, Vi informo che non posso svolgere il Servizio Militare perchè sono un gatto.

Cordiali Saluti,