Sunday, April 18, 2004

slice of life(and bourbon)

Coffee break. But i don't drink coffee. So i keep original alternatives at hand.
Walked out of the school building after 90 minutes of photocopies, and saw the sun come out. Walked home and noticed the girls downstairs had put the Hair soundtrack on at full blast andwere sitting on their windowsills, singing their heads off. The obvious thing to do was to go to my room, open the windows and play Bob Marley - Exodus at full blast. Would've played Trout Mask or The Yellow Shark, but since i'm on friendly terms with my residence tutees lately i decided to go easy on them. I know, i know, i'm getting soft.
Once i'd chosen the album, the main priority came back to mind: snacks. Usually, i would stop at Al Castel and munch on something ephemeral while sipping my Spritz. But since i only have 17 eurocents left, the fridge's sorry state was to be investigated.
Feeling adventurous, i opened the freezer and much to my surprise found a large container 2/3 full of Vanilla and Bourbon flavored ice cream. After a thorough investigation, i made sure there was no soy inside and decided it was to be eaten.
This is probably the ice cream we had at the end of my mother's birthday party, the day i passed my exam. The reason i'd forgotten about it was that i was pissed drunk at the time. Luckily there were so many people at home, my parents hardly noticed.

Oh, the Bob Marley album just finished, so i'm playing Zappa's You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore vol.2 instead. Which is my idea of mellow sounds.
Stay tuned for the big decision: what'll i be having next? More ice cream or cheese sandwich? The sky's the limit.