Wednesday, December 10, 2003

And comes a time...

Every once in a while here at WGD Central(also known as "that messy room on top of the old offices") somebody looks at his multi-purpose digital watch and realizes it's that time of the day(week, year) known as FOOD TIME. When FOOD TIME strikes, the entire WGD staff goes down to the canteen(also known as "over to the kitchen"), opens the multi-purpose deep freezer and splunks whatever's available into a pre-heated and well-greased oven. The well-greased oven is a Pala tradition i'm trying to pass over to Old Offices. It goes like this: you touch the oven door, and your hand either dissolves, sticks, or remains sticky for the rest of the day. Or all three of these, in sparse order. The idea, as in most things Pala-related, is to fortify the immunitary system. And to be annoying.

Anyway, today (or this week, or whatever) the consumer-friendly FOOD OBJECT chosen was a Frozen Pizza. So This Blogger opens the box, extracts one wrapped frozen pizza, takes the plastic wrapper off(So many wrappings!What do they think it is? Christmas?), opens the bin, disposes of wrapper, closes the bin, slams pizza into oven.
Then he realizes somebody was looking at him from inside the bin. He opens it again and finds out that somebody in his family threw away a postcard reproducing a sixteenth-century image of the Virgin Mary With Child.

Won't Go Down, We're all about the Respect Of Other People's Religion!