Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Blogging has been slow recently - i apologize for this.
The college network has started smiling on us again this morning, so i suppose i'll be more available online, not to mention updating more regularly.
The past three weeks or so have been a blur. Running around Cernizza carrying chairs and tables. Sticking pins into the heads of newborn paper men. Discussing god/artist relationships with Dave McKean. Not being sober.
I'll try to get the things in my head tidier, and eventually send them out through here. I'm like an 80Mb hard disk: i need to be emptied out often so more stuff will fit in my brain.

Yesterday was cool, went to Trieste to see Lorenzo and Dimma, also made the acquaintance of a couple of Lorenzo's friends, extremely enjoyable afternoon/night. Watched two movies: Ted Bundy(Horrible) and Jalla Jalla(really nice, hadn't seen it yet and was looking forward to it. Expected more comedy from the way it had been described to me, but was great anyway)
Got home an hour ago, connected to the expensive provider, checked my mail for a while, disconnected. Ten minutes later the college network came back up.