Monday, December 15, 2003

Bedroom Wormholes

Agi was restless. She turned to us, and cried: "I can't find my passport!"
A heap of clothes, books, shampoo bottles and other objects loomed behind her, its peak well over a metre from the ground.
"You've already looked through all of that???" we incredulously asked.
"No, i've only checked my suitcases"
Then she turned, took a glance at the junk behind her, and added:
"That's just my usual mess."

While she searched, i explained the Bedroom Wormhole Theory. It goes like this: sometimes rooms, desks or offices are so messy that the amount of objects within them actually take up more space than is physically available. In these cases, the concept of space itself miserably fails its objectives, and goes off to sulk behind a corner. What happens while it's away is that objects lying in a state of intense mess all actually share the same place in the universe, thus causing wormholes in the deepest of aforementioned mess. So all particularly big messes are interconnected, which is why you sometimes lose things, but find things you're sure you've never seen before. If you're lucky, your mess only links to those of other messy people you know, so you eventually get your stuff back. This usually happens to me. If you're unlucky, the concept of space returns with a bad temper, a big brother and a thirst for vengeance, and your mess implodes creating a small nova, or a black hole. Which is why i'm tidying up today.

Oh, and anyway, Agi found her passport in the end. It was inside her toothbrush case. She also found her Identity Card, her Student Card, and her train ticket returned in time from Venice(explaining what it was doing there in the first place would just be too long). She later missed the bus, forgot her boots and ultimately, it seems, took the wrong train. I'm quite confident she's safe at home in Budapest by now.

Currently listening to: United Future Organization-Make it Better(Kyoto Jazz Massive Remix).mp3, which, as i was surprised to discover, is a cover of Gilberto Gil's So Quero Um Xodò.
While typing that last bit, winamp switched to: The Beatles-Decca Auditions-Besame Mucho.mp3 (which reminds me of Cake's version of Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps)