Thursday, December 18, 2003

Tax Cuts For The Fat Cats

An official paper, signed by M.O.N.A. himself, somehow mad its way to my pigeon-hole this morning. I took it home not without some surprise. It details the budget cuts for next term, and it seems some people will be rather disappointed. To begin with, two of the remaining three cultural visits have been removed, for it seems that "many students benefited from a strong cultural experience in Rome". So sorry, no Mantova nor Verona.
One of the unkindest cuts goes to the choir, whose budget goes down by 66%. Music activity also loses a big fat 2000LocalMonetaryCurrencies. Friends in the video activity will lose over a third of their already-tight budget, but that shouldn't be a problem considering how well they've been doing selling VHS' of the national evenings(Which are still NOT what national evenings are supposed to be like, but i digress). The skiing acivities also get some punches in the gut, and Photography sadly also gives in to some cuts, not too drastic but worrying nonetheless.
Of course, i can't give too much details here. And if anybody asks, well, we all know my mind isn't exactly the most socially functional one in the world, so all this might as well just be a figment of my imagination. Consider it a disclaimer.

And for all those readers for whom all of this is no more than senseless gibberish, here's a link to That Wacky Michael Moore's most recent article. When will he learn.

Oh, last tidbit of information. I have a fish in my room. But maybe that's also just a figment of my imagination. The cat sure looks interested, though.