Monday, December 29, 2003


All set.
I'm leaving for Naples tomorrow morning, 7:36 train from Monfalcone station. So of course don't expect too many updates in the next day or five. Will be meeting with a Falco or two, a Janos, a Roberto "MIT" Carli but not with that Gri guy whom i owe 10£. Hopefully also with some other ex-uwcers, or even current ones, who knows.

Ok, ahem, i have a little announcement to make.
Earlier this year, when Alan Moore turned 50, he announced he would cease writing comics and become a magician.
Likewise, when Captain Beefheart was 40 and had just released what was to be his final album, he announced he would abandon the music industry and devote all his time and attention to his paintings. He's still there, painting, somewhere in the Mojave Desert. Hope he's fine.
Anyway, i would never compare myself to those last two Great Creators. I am but 25, but i still have something to announce. Earlier this autumn i have decided i shall become an artist, and have been working towards this goal ever since. This will not be news for the closest among you, who had already heard it from my own lips, or seen the consequences splattered around duino. And i also suppose it will come as no shock to all those who have already known me for some time.
I'm just making it official. That's all.
As soon as i get around to finding some free webspace(the old digilander one is now inaccessible and kaputt) i'll try to post some images of what i'm up to. Apart from that, blogging will continue as always.

Ok, that's that. Now, i just wanted to say another thing. I don't really believe in christmas, nor do i give much importance to the New Year, if not as an opportunity to get thoroughly sloshed. Still, i believe this time in the year to be symbolic of the ending of one thing and the beginning of another. Whether it's through a calendar resetting itself, a child being born, the winter getting at its worst possible so you're certain it'll be better from now on and the days starting to get longer, or anything, it's still important.
So i would just like to wish a bright new beginning to all readers out there.

And that's all. I'll have some more new year considerations, er, next year!

Happy new year.

RLF, 29.XII.2003