Tuesday, December 02, 2003

more about.

Forgot to mention yesterday: the announcement reproduced a letter of thanks written by DBS.

And anyway, this morning the M.O.N.A. saw the notice, ripped it off and summoned my mother to his courtroom. Once there, she told him how offensive what happened at yesterday's assembly was. Mona answered that it was the people in Accountancy's fault(as usual), because he had asked for the list of people who had been working in the college for over 20 years, and for many years my mother was only a part-time worker. Of course, if part-time workers counted anything to them, they would even go so far as pay me once in a while(more about this later).
Anyway, after explaining this, he proceeded to insult her even more, by saying that her family is being cause of more and more trouble(?) within the College.
Congratulations, Mr. A. You're very good at making fifty-year old women cry.