Friday, December 05, 2003

Was checking the layout of the site, and realized i was my own 200th visitor. Made me feel like such a loser.
Still, this counter surprised the hell out of me, never expected there to be so many contacts. In the first month, there were about 150 visitors, which means something like [figure it out for yourselves] people a day! Never expected there to be more than 30 or so before the end of the year. Or maybe somebody's just playing a practical joke on me and pressing "refresh" 100 times in a row. Matteo, se sei tu smettila.

Anyway, that last Gorilla Suit announcement i put here only to break the tension. Didn't really feel like i could write anything specific to remember Zappa, so just interrupting like that seemed to be the stupidest-and therefore best- thing to do.

And i should be writing here more, but i really haven't had the time to. Hopefully over the weekend(that would mean i won't have had too many photocopies to do. Huzzah). Will change that stupid old survey and make a more relevant one as soon as possible, however. A big fat five people voted, leading to a tie between "don't you have anything better to do?" and "who cares?".

Oh well, i have a tutorial dinner to attend now. Millone made Tiramisu. How's that for gossip?