Tuesday, December 02, 2003

The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bursar

...So the following afternoon i went to see the person i consider my Boss, Livia, who is also one of the few hard-working and reliable people in the administration. (the others are...er, whichever one may one day stumble across this site. Hi there! um.) I told her about the previous day's call. She told me her reaction to the news, at the time, had been quite the same as mine- to have it repeated to her so she could laugh some more.
I explained to her that the people in accountancy actually have a very, very good reason for thinking they've misplaced my payment requests: i never gave any in.
You see, at the beginning of this working year, i was offered a contract by the Bursar. After discussing one or two things about it, i accepted and signed it. The contract expects me to be paid a regular monthly fee. So of course one thing i had asked the Bursar before signing was whether i would still have to present monthly payment requests. I asked him this on two different occasions, and on both he said it wouldn't be necessary. If i wanted to, he once added, i could carry on writing down my working hours for "private accountancy". Which of course i did, and would've done even if he hadn't suggested me to.

Livia listened to my story patiently, and then told me what to do.

The next day, i came into her office with the letter she had told me to write. It very politely complained about the inefficiency behind my lack of payment and asked how i should behave in future. Whilst making blatantly obvious whose fault all this was.
Attached were my new payment requests for september and october.

Hope some good comes out of this. Such as: money in my pocket. Those comic shop debts won't milk themselves.
What, i didn't tell you about my new Dave McKean book? Or about meeting the man himself? Or about meeting Luttazzi for the umpteenth time?

Oh, well, i'll tell about all those things tomorrow. After all, i still have a first chapter of a thesis to write for tomorrow.
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21 hours to go...