Thursday, December 25, 2003

Christmas Spirit

Wanna see how Santa Claus looks like nowadays?
Well, as we all know, Old Saint Nick currently -ahem- resides in the beautiful XII century Church of Saint Nicholas of Bari(BA), where he has been ever since he was, er, brought from Constantinople back in 1087AD (Not BC of course. That would be just daft). Actually, some Bari sailors broke into the cathedral in Constantinople one night and outright stole him, but that's of no interest to us at the moment. Although the whole idea of kidnapping the mortal remains of Santa Claus does seem rather original.
Anyway, here are the most recent pictures of that Santa guy, taken between the 5th and the 6th of May, 1953. I was going to include them here directly, but just decided some people might not like what there is to be seen. Instead, here's another picture of my lamp! (just joking)

So anyway, hope the skull-and-crossbones guy brought you all enjoyable presents, i'll be raving about mine later this week.
Although i must mention this amazing pair of penguin-themed socks that just added themselves to the collection. So cool.