Monday, December 08, 2003

It was brought to my attention that one of my email addresses is full. And guess what! I checked, it *is* full!
So instead of rubbing out everything on that account, i proposed myself to open a new one, instead, that i could happily link to from here. My first idea was to make one with Yahoo, since it's currently the webmail that's treating me the best (almost no ads, easy to use, no spam whatsoever). But i realized it would mess up my cache settings to have more than one address from them. Same for Hotmail, where i still have my very first email account, dating back to sometime between '96 and '97. It's still active, but of course all of you are aware that Hotmail is actually just a spam-generating machine. Create a hotmail address and watch it fill with spam, even though you're the only one who knows about it. You think.
I was about to make another one on the libero/inwind portal, but that one's also getting to be a pain. So slow. And it's also taking the slow turn towards Evil.

So i'll just keep looking for something(story of my life). If anyone out there has suggestions, hey, there's still the comment button down here.

And in the meantime, i've put up a link to the new email address. Whenever it comes into existence.