Thursday, December 18, 2003


Thanks to one of those blogs i visit regularly, i stumbled across this fascinating site which had been pointed out by Plep, an amazingly simple and surprisingly useful blog, for anyone even just vaguely interested in the arts. And in History. And in...waaah, i could go on for hours.

I've been wondering recently whether there were comics in soviet russia. I know there were in the communist block, or at least i know there were in Jugoslavia and in Bulgaria. But every time i have to ask a russian or ex-soviet-country-coming-from-person in general, it takes me so long to explain the difference between "comic", "cartoon" and "funny drawing" that i eventually give up. Well, they had no photocopy machines, which means if i'd lived in the USSR i would have no work and no pay, not just no pay like here in neo-liberal Italy. There, that made me feel better. Goodnight.