Friday, January 09, 2004

2004: Year of the Webmaster Officially Shitting His Pants

Ok, time to reveal one of the reasons things have been so bad lately.
I got back from Naples, and a nice little letter was waiting for me at home.
The letter was from the [Neofascist] Italian Government, kindly forcing me to join the [ultrafascist] Italian Army.
Yes, we still have the draft in this medieval country. Even the USA are more civilized, which goes to show quite a lot.

So basically, my condition is this: if by early february i haven't found either a job with an 18-month contract or someplace i can "work" as an underpaid civil servant, it's the big guns for me. Which in my case, would probably mean, well, i don't really want to think about it. Let me just say i'm really, really, really worried.

I only actually started looking for information about how to avoid all this from happening something like 2 hours ago. The rest of the week i had just spent cowering in a dim-lit corner of my room, worrying my balls off and listening to Track 19 from disc 2 of Civilization, Phaze III.
And posting tons of escapist garbage on the blog. there's anybody out there knows of places i can be a civil servant, obviously not affiliated to any religious group, or knows of anybody who can offer me an 18-month job contract, well, let's just say any help is more than appreciated.

Oh, while we're at it, the other reason i was not really at the top of my self these days is that in my absence, a partition of my PC busted up, thus causing the loss of some vaguely important data. Stuff like: all my drawings, all my poems, and my thesis.
Lucky i had print copies of the thesis.
Lucky i can scan my drawings back in anytime i like.

...Pity about the poems.