Wednesday, January 14, 2004

It's a miracle i'm still alive...

Do you know what it's like when you've studied too long?
After some 6 hours in the library(that's where i've been hiding most of the time these days), my brain had become a rather unappealing blob of goo. Which is also its usual configuration, but that's not relevant to today's story.
So when you're in such a state, it sometimes happens that you say things without filtering your ideas through your brain. Which is when you usually accidentally tell people you respect to shut up, people you love to buzz off, or just plain start speaking nonsense.
It was the beginning of my 6th hour of renaissance painters. Pictures of Michelangelo Sistine Chapel in front of me. Inbetween, an etching showing what it looked like before the man leaned his brushes against it.

"Liked it better before", i muttered to myself.

Then i realized what i had just said and was attacked by the forty-foot-tall Art Student Guilt. THANK GOD nobody heard me. THANK GOD i didn't *really* mean it. And most of all, THANK GOD i wasn't struck by lightning for uttering such blasphemies.

I was so guilty afterwards, it felt as if i'd just kissed my little sister or something.

Lucky nobody'll ever find out. Except for the whole world, since i'm stupid enough to write about it on my blog.
At least my teacher doesn't read this. I hope...(shivers)