Sunday, January 25, 2004

scribble scribble post post

"So, how's your blog?"
"Ah, it sucks."

-myself, last night, in bar.

There was snow in duino this morning! But it thawed out now. Awww...
I am currently in mid-coffeebreak, which in my case is a toast-and-soda-update-blog break.
Not many updates in the past few days, i apologize, was busy being busy. Studying first, then discovering that my exam isn't on the 29th of January but on the 4th of February, then studying a little more, and then spending the whole of my saturday slacking. Also went to an Osmizza with Pino and Stic, was lots of fun(why do most of the people i know have nicknames? Even my parents don't call each other by their real names! They call each other "mom" and "dad"). Oh, and had a nice walk in Trieste on friday night, made good use of the local Guinness Pub.

Uh...that's about it for now. Sorry for the lack of real content. Don't worry, i'm not dead! i just stopped living for a while! Happens to everyone!
Blogging will resume in due course(probably tonight or tomorrow).
Great things are afoot!
(actually, they're not. Just sounded like a good way to finish this post.)