Tuesday, January 13, 2004

And Then Some

First things first: the Barbapapa quiz. Nobody bothered to answer, therefore all regular readers can now proudly declare to the person closest to them, in ALL CAPS, "I AM NOT A GEEK". Offer void where prohibited.
Anyway, the early Elio E Le Storie Tese song which incorporated parts of the old italian theme to the barbapapa cartoon, originally sung by reknowned songwriter Roberto Vecchioni (who probably needed the money to pay Andrea Pazienza for those beautiful album covers), was Pork E Cindy, which was eventually resurrected on their second album.
Won't Go Down: We're All About The Edutainment.

Second: i'm one of the 150 voters on the panel to choose the finalists of the Weblog Awards(TM). Of course i can't reveal the sites i have to choose from, it's just good to know that some of my favourites are in there somewhere. Not necessarily ones i link to, though.(Phew!)
Won't Go Down: We're All About the Bribes. Huh? What?

Third: keep your eyes and ears open, 'cause one of these days i'll be debuting as deejay of my very own show on RadioPhiga, a webradio recently set up by some old buddies of mine. Maybe even tonight, if i manage to study enough in the afternoon. And if anyone of them manages to explain how i'm supposed to do it. But whenever it happens, it's gonna be cool.

Fourth: new poll! Look for it later today.
Hey! i just went over 500 visitors! Something must be wrong, there's not supposed to be that many. A big hand to that 5% who uses a Mac! Go Mac! And a kiss and a hug to that 8% visiting from Estonia. You know who you are. So do i, of course.
Won't Go Down: We're All About Your Privacy!

Finally: thanks to all those who called, contacted or emailed me about my recent military service troubles. No significant updates on this topic yet, but i have to say that one the most helpful things these days has been receiving so much solidarity. Now bugger off, i have a pizza to eat.

(PS: while imagegoogling for those Pazienza covers, i came across this image. Not for the squeamish)