Wednesday, January 21, 2004

How To.

So lately all i've been doing is locking myself up in the library eight hours a day and studying the hell out of all those renaissance guys. Not much to tell about my life, then. Not much to tell about Duino, either: eventless start of second term. Ok, there were a nice dinner with good friends and some nice beers with fred et al, all very pleasant but nothing that'll make good blog material. Whatever that may be.

(Speaking of which, i've been informed that 16 is legal in Italy. Cool, but i still haven't forgiven them for all this military service business.)

In the meantime, i'll explain how you can tune into my show tonight. JJFlash and i spent most of the past two nights configuring my system for the broadcast, so you'd better pay attention.

To listen, you'll need two things: Winamp and Streamer. The former, i assume everybody already has. But look out! Streamer doesn't work with Winamp3! Then again, who does? Just in case, i linked to it.
Anyway, download Streamer file, run it, it installs. Now run the program.
Select the "config" button, top left, next to "stations". In the "Bandwidth" area, select your kind of connection. You're supposed to already know what kind of connection you've got, so don't ask me about it. Now, don't touch anything else on this screen, the connection's fine enough. Don't touch that, i tell you. Good. Now click on "stations".
Look at this screen. Empty isn't it? Well, if it's all configured correctly, stuff will start to appear on it within one or to minutes. Keep staring at the black screen just in case. Think of a good enough excuse in case somebody walks into the room and sees you.
Ok, by now several names of webradios will have appeared. The one you have to select is RadioPhiga(ITA). Double-click on its name, and winamp will automatically open up and reveal all our broadcasting beauty.

If none(or all, what the heck) of this works, feel free to contact me via icq, messenger (contact on sidebar) or pop over to the radio's chatline, #radiophiga, over at Azzurra. I can occasionally be found there(of course i will be there every time i broadcast), mainly on a chatroom called #affanc1. Note the delicate elegance of our puns.

Program begins at 22:00 GMT+1! Be there or be Winston Churchill's Parrot!