Thursday, January 15, 2004

So some mornings i wake up singing Wonderful Wino under the shower. And then i go to the PC and play the Swiss Cheese/Fire! Montreux live '71 Mothers bootleg. And then i start to do all of Aynsley's drum parts with two fingers on my keyboard's desk. And if then the fire hadn't broken out, i'd never manage to get any work done.

So why did i wake up singing that song anyway? Well, there's a parallel to the answer to that question over on one of my daily guilty pleasures. So basically, the second half of a bottle of whiskey, 2 bottles of red wine, one of cheap white fizzy wine, one bottle of Pampero and one of Absolut that mysteriously appeared out of nowhere all helped me feel happy when i woke up this morning.

That's it, now i go off to find out whatever happened to the other people who were with me last night.