Saturday, January 17, 2004

Ok, finished voting for the bloggies, am sending my entries in. Good luck to all participants, hope my 150th of the final opinion didn't cause too much damage.

Was approached by a beautiful young lady at the bar last night. Truly gorgeous. We chatted for quite a while in a nice, relaxed manner. Meanwhile, the little devil on my right shoulder kept screaming "Dance with her! C'mon, there's great music on!", and the little angel on the other shoulder was shouting "Buy her a drink! Buy her a bottle of something! Take her out for a walk by the beach!".
I did none of these things, i was too busy repeating to myself that

After all, she *was* some 7 or 8 years younger than me. And looked her age, too.

So this morning she passes by and says hello while i was saying goodbye to janos, who came to visit for a few days before going to live in London.

Me: "Do you think she's too young?"
Him: "Man, is she legal?"
Me: "could be... Yeah, i guess so."
Him: "Then go for it.*"

It's good to have friends who are honest. Honest bastards, too.
Anyway, i just checked. She'll be seventeen next month.
Which, if i were to insist on this business, would only stretch further my already almost nonexistent idea of "legal".

Er...lucky nothing happened. And probably never will.

*Translation: stop wasting my time with these stupid, stupid questions.