Thursday, January 08, 2004

Some(more) similarities

Went out with Fred last night, came home reasonably tipsy(i.e. not much, but satisfied nonetheless), had a really good time.
Seeing him made me realize that people from the college will be coming back soon, and also how little i feel like seeing people around duino again. I guess there are only two, maybe three people i feel like spending some time with when they're back. Maybe i should start my old campaign again, the one where i tried to convince the other animals to kick all members of the homo sapiens species out of Duino. It should work better, now that i've discovered that Duino has frogs. No, really, there are frogs here, too. I've only seen one in twenty years, but hey - it's proof!

Watching that X-Men 2 movie over the holidays has kind of influenced the view i have of my presence in this place.
(please note: the following will be comprehensible only to those who have seen the movie, or at least read the comic book once in a while)
So i see myself as a Wolverine-like character, complete with funny hairstyle, walking into a dayroom kitchen at two o'clock in the morning...
Me:(opens fridge) "Don't you guys have any beer around here?"
Passing student: "in case you hadn't noticed, this is a school."
Me:"Oh. Right. Forgot."

Later, in the Prof's lab...
Me: "Yo, Chuck, i need you to read my mind again. I gotta find out what i did this weekend."
Prof. X: "All right, Logan. But first, you must photocopy these CIA files about us for me. 200 copies, back to back. In blue."

And this is more or less when i wake up in bed screaming...

(Please note, once more: i don't really see myself as a wolverine-type character. He's cool, i'm just a nerd with a blog)