Friday, January 30, 2004


I got some worried phone calls yesterday morning.
There was a rumour out there saying somebody had been suspended from The College(i have adopted the policy of not naming the place too much, so this blog won't accidentally be googled by people who want to go study there. Or even worse, who work there and can't stand me).
Some people even went so far as to tell me that it was an italian, a second year, who had been caught in pala, after curfew, over the weekend.

Now, guys. None of this actually happened. So just relax, ok?

During the holidays news had also been around that the aforeblogged Bungalow Bursar had been fired. That [unfortunately] hasn't happened either. If there weren't enough incompetent people here, this place would actually start working quite well. And that's not what The System wants.

Instead, some rather bad things have happened, or rather, have started to happen once more. One first year had a birthday party. During that party 250 euros were stolen from her. And now all involved in organising that party are in trouble. Because of the theft? Noooo! Because they had bought alcohol. Ex-students, pick up pen and paper and write it down this minute: there's no more such a place as home.

Tonight, the Balkans had their taster session. Taster sessions are what's left of old National Evenings: instead of having dinner in Agip before the show, they have people taste typical cuisine in pala dayroom. Not too bad, if you don't have strong memories of how it used to be. And probably also more representative of different cultures etc. etc.
Tonight was especially good, for two of my favourite pagan divinities (Mr. Burek and Ms. Rakjia) were supervising from behind the clouds, a satisfied grin on their faces. But.

But later it turned out that a wallet had been stolen, again holding a large amount of money, this time also with passport and other documents. And it wasn't in a room: it was in a coat, among other fifty or so coats, on the ping-pong table, in the dayroom, while about 200 people were there eating, drinking, chatting, dancing and just plain having fun.

These things shouldn't happen here.
And they make me particularly mad.

So mad, i don't even feel like commenting on the facts that next year ES's flat will become a storage zone, PS will be moved out of pala, and that old offices middle floor(underneath us) will become a teacher's flat. For more than one single teacher.

Let's just not talk about that right now.

Ok, just to end this post with a high note (quinta di piccardia, for all you music experts out there), here's the Quote Of The Day:

"Whaddaya mean i can't dance? I taught Karol fuckin' Wojtila to dance!"
-Myself, a couple hours ago, mickey mouse bar.