Wednesday, January 14, 2004

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A little explanation about this one's topic. The options are three albums i've always owned more than once for short periods, listened to, loved memorized inside my head(where else?), but then either lost or given back to the original owner or even, in some cases, given away to close friends.
But now it's about time i had my own copies. So you'll be helping me choose which one'll be the first!

Actually, the same thing usually happens to me with books. My two favorite books are Queneau's Les Fleurs Bleues and Cortazar's Historias De Cronopios Y De Famas (there goes blogger's spellchecker). All of my closest friends own at least one of these books because they're the ideal presents for the people i love, it's as if i was giving away a part of myself. But i've only had my real personal copy of the first one for a year or so, and still don't own a copy of the second one.

In an ideal world, i would eventually meet a girl who, after going out with me for some time, would give me a little packet saying "here, i wanted to give you a present: a copy of my favorite book". And i would open the packet, and out pops Historias De Cronopios Y De Famas.

Hey, i can dream, can't i?

In the real world, the packet would probably contain some book like "5000 reasons why you suck and i'm breaking up with you".