Tuesday, January 27, 2004

um. er. hello.

Wow. Haven't posted in so long, blogspot forgot my username(i mean the cookie expired. To date, blogspot has been treating me absolutely fine, and i recommend it to whoever should want to embark on the obnoxious pastime of keeping a blog). Actually, i've realized that every time i don't post for a day or three, people send me emails, cellphone messages and even comments to my posts. So it's fun to hear from people once in a while. Even though what usually happens with email is this:
-i get a short "are you alive?" message (1 line)
-i answer an equally short "yes i am!" message (1 line, maybe 2)
-i get a nice "where i am, what i'm up to" message (not more than 5 lines)
-i answer a completely involved, open heart message about all i'm doing and how i feel and good old days and so on and so on(10 pages or more)
-i get no answer, having scared the shit out of the receiver.

Anyway, sad to see that the site i linked to in my last post went offline shortly afterwards. Big time copyright infringement, i suppose. Well, that's what it gets for sticking Outkast's Hey Ya into my head all sunday, whistling it and singing it over my head all day long. To the extent that i had to come to extreme measures: i downloaded the bloody bastard of a pop song, and listened to it ten times in a row. It's what i call the Jordi Vaccination Method. Or Asereje vaccination method, depending on what generation you're from.