Saturday, January 17, 2004

Questions, questions...

Why did i feel the strong necessity of listening to something by Queen when i walked into my room this morning? Haven't listened to Queen in yonks. Nor do i own any of their albums. Lucky i had this mp3 handy.
(tnx to marok - sorry about that direct link. The things people do when your back's turned.)

Also, Pino just sent me over to this great site Haven't really understood it yet, but it is great.

But most of all, it is my pleasure to announce that my first radio broadcast will be on Wednesday, 21st of January at 22:00 hours GMT+1.
There's a great explanation of how to tune your winamp in over at RadioPhiga's official blogsite (by the way, i liked the old working title, RadioPorcoLibero better), but it's in italian. So here's a quick explanation of how to do it if you're of english habla.

1. Download Streamer.
3. Run Streamer.
4. You wait. Time passes.
5. Choose "radiophiga" from the list.
6. Enjoy!

(yes, i know i forgot point 2. Thing is, i only noticed this while typing up point 4. So i thought it fitting to leave things as they were.)

Ok, ok, i'll post a better explanation later. Or just babelfish the italian one.

I also *still* don't have a title for my show. Suggestions welcome.